27 Aug

How to recover your corrupted BIOS at EPOX boards…

Yesterday my friends computers bios has crashed which using EPOX EP-MF4-J3 Ultra with AMD processor.

it’was supporting “GHOST BIOS” future. But GhostBIOS showing one time only a recovering screen and my friend passed it.

When we pushed to power nothing happened at computer. We opened the case and looked into mainboard Led. It’s showing F1 but we couldn’t find anything about this error code at manual. We have nothing to do…

Then last chance. I’ve removed BIOS chip from its place. Then I turned on the computer


Surprise !! It’s booted into BIOS recovery process. But BIOS chip was unplugged. I inserted BIOS chip in its place when power on. And using Ghost Recovery program to wrote default BIOS image again to chip.

Well done. I booted up. Now mainboard is working succesfuly.

Nothing risque, nothing gained.” 😉

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